Thursday, September 28, 2017

Review – Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank

Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank at a glance

At its current price, the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank seems like a no-brainer. At such a low price you would expect some corners to be cut and unfortunately in this case, there were. Slightly larger and heavier than some of its competitors at similar mAh ratings we were hoping for the power bank’s performance to make up for the obvious bulk.
Capacity & Charging speed

10000mAh is a respectable size for a portable charger these days. Especially considering the increasing popularity in tablets and battery draining apps on smart phones. So is 10000mAh going to be enough to charge your cell phone? Well it should be. In fact it should be enough to charge several times.

In the case of the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank however, we found that the battery just wasn’t up to scratch. We can forgive some efficiency loss for any and all portable chargers on the market but the Aibocn is a little disappointing.

We’re unsure exactly what cells are being utilized in the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank but based on the research we’ve done, this isn’t an isolated case. With that said, it does charge exceptionally fast from its 2.4A output. One of 2 USB outputs on the device, the other one rated at 1.1A.

For those wondering as well, the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank (like GOAL ZERO GUIDE 10 PLUS ) will not charge your device while it is currently itself being charged.
Look and feel

The Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank actually looks quite nice. It’s finished with a nice shiny lacquer that repels finger prints well. The shape is a little awkward and tends to be a bit longer and thicker than is necessary.

In saying that it looks modern, stylish and isn’t going to stand out in your bad or purse. There’s a flash light at the end of the unit, situated next to the microUSB input used to charge the unit. Close to the end on the long edge are where the USB ports are situated. They are spaced out with enough room between them and seem to be in a fairly logical spot.

On the face of the unit is 4 LED lights to indicate charge and an on and off button. Simply press the power button twice to turn on and twice again to turn off.
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Durability & Construction

Issues with faulty components are unfortunately a little more common with the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank than other units. Rattling sounds inside the case, constant overheating and failed batteries have been known to happen.

Comparing this power bank to others in a similar mAh range (not price) it’s not hard to pin point why these issues are occurring. Some more attention to quality control and using more expensive batteries and wiring components will lead to more consistency across the range.

Claims of all sorts of surge-protection, over-charge protection etc are thrown out the window when units are reportedly catching on fire and melting.

With that said, Aibocn obviously pay attention to their customers and are pretty damn good at replacing faulty units. The risk is yours to take!

In essence, the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank is only a little larger than its competitors. It does feel heavier however and makes we wonder if there is a more efficient way to fit all the components inside the case.

For me it’s just a little too long and a little too thick. If you look at the basic shape and size of a common smart phone you’ll see what consumers consider appropriate to put in their pocket. Although the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank would fit in my pocket, it’s weight and awkward size would put me off considering this truly portable compared to it’s peers.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Solar Battery Storage Systems

Most homeowners planning on installing a solar panel system on their roof never have to worry about the many choices in solar batteries. But if you are a homeowner or other solar energy user who is planning a solar energy system (for example: RENOGY 250 WATT SOLAR PANEL )that will be off grid or have a emergency backup power, then you will definitely need to know something about solar batteries. If properly conceived a solar electricity storage system can be a reliable and affordable method of powering your cabin, RV or home. In this article, we will help you navigate the choices you will face when designing an off-grid or grid-tie battery bank and understand the world of electrolytes and amp-hours.

Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Battery Systems

There are two main kinds of solar battery storage system: grid-tie with battery backup and off-grid.

Off-grid systems are exactly what they sound like: independent of the grid. During nights and cloudy days, an off-grid solar homerelies on batteries. There is an unfortunate disparity between when we can produce solar energy and when we want to use it. Peak solar electricity generation happens around midday, while peak consumption occurs in the evenings when lights and appliances are turned on. To reliably power a home, a battery bank must charge in the few hours of intense sunlight and discharge throughout the evening and night. Batteries designed for this kind of environment are called deep-cycle batteries. The most common solar deep-cycle batteries are flooded, AGM and gelled lead-acid batteries. These three batteries are meant to repeatedly discharge a lot of their capacity, but have low discharge rates.

Grid-tied systems with battery backup use batteries only when there is a power outage. During regular operation, DC power from the solar panels is passed through a grid-tie inverter that converts it to AC. This allows the solar panels to run appliances in your home. At the same time some of this electricity charges the battery bank. If there were a power outage the inverter would disconnect from the grid and your home would run as an off-grid system. In general, battery banks can be smaller in grid-tie with backup systems since they are only used when the grid is down. You can view a grid-tie battery system as a hybrid between pure grid-tie and off-grid systems.

Choosing Your Solar Batteries

If you have decided to use either an off-grid or grid-tie with battery backup system to power your home, the next step is to choose your solar batteries. While many different kinds of batteries are used in solar electricity storage, lead-acid batteries are most common. Competitors such as nickel-cadmium and nickel-iron can be expensive, inefficient or hard to dispose of. The three main lead-acid batteries are:
Flooded (FLA) → unsealed with liquid electrolyte
Absorbed Glass Matt (VRLA) → sealed with electrolyte held captive by glass mat
Gelled (VRLA) → sealed with gel electrolyte

Each type has its own benefits, drawbacks and requirements. Some batteries are well suited for individuals who enjoy monitoring and maintaining their system while others are designed for those who have an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude. Regardless of the relationship you want to pursue with your solar electricity system, there is a battery for you.

Flooded Batteries (FLA). Flooded batteries are the least expensive and most common of the lead-acid batteries. For this reason we will treat them as a kind of reference point for the VRLA batteries. Unlike AGM and gel batteries, they are unsealed and therefore have to be well vented. This means they must be stored in a battery box that has a vent leading to the outdoors. The main thing you have to know about unsealed batteries is that they require periodic care. But don’t let that scare you! We have outlined how to keep your battery bank running in our Battery Care and Safety article. Flooded batteries also need to be properly oriented. VRLA batteries are more forgiving in this respect and can be stored on their side. While sealed and unsealed cells have similar performance, they each produce a distinctly different solar storage experience. For a list of SolarTown’s flooded batteries please
follow the hyperlink.

Emergency Back-up systems
Golf carts/electric vehicles

Gelled Batteries. Gel lead-acid batteries are specialized in deep-cycle applications. They use fumed silica as a thickening agent for the electrolyte, which makes the cells more sturdy. The viscous electrolyte prevents the cell from leaking when damaged. Gel batteries also vent less and discharge at a slightly higher rate than flooded cells (low Peukert exponent).

While gel batteries are sturdy and low maintenance, they have a few serious downsides that make them a sub-par option in solar storage. First, they are not compatible with flooded and AGM cells due to much lower charging voltages. The low charging voltage also makes it very easy to accidentally overcharge the battery and destroy it. This is particularly true in solar electricity systems, where electricity production is variable. If you choose to use a gel battery bank, the charging voltage must be limited to a very precise range. In addition, gel cells are more expensive than flooded cells, do not provide much better amp-hour capacity and will generally not last as long as FLA. When you buy a gel cell, you are paying for extra convenience, not extra capacity. You can find gel batteries for sale on SolarTown’s Store.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Search Engine Optimization Firm - Bona Fide Option to Improve Online Business


The function of an SEO firm is crucial in regards to marketing your internet business. Based on present day trends in online marketing, it is vital to decide on the right Search Engine Optimization service provider for great results. Some common duties of a Search Engine Optimization firm include website design, a creation of back links, content writing, website optimization, web directory entries, video creation, press releases, blog posts, choice of appropriate keywords, and even more.

The best way to Spot a Professional SEO Firm?

A professional Search Engine Optimization firm is effective at producing the most effective results to meet the demands of customers. By availing of the professional services of professionals in the Search Engine Optimization field, you can improve your site ranks and internet existence. Search Engine Optimization specialists are well-versed in the most recent techniques that can assist in attaining high rankings for your site in internet search engine result pages.

Specific things must be verified before signing a contract with a Search Engine Optimization firm.

Credibility - Check the credibility of the Search Engine Optimization company. Ensure that it may deliver quality Search Engine Optimization services in accordance with your requirements.
Expertise - Expertise in the area constantly issues with respect to providing quality end product without mistakes. Do background research about the company to make certain its consistency, dependability, and privacy.

Affordable options - Compare the price tags of distinct local SEO NYC firms to choose an affordable, professional Search Engine Optimization firm.
Search Engine Optimization techniques - A professional Search Engine Optimization company executes the latest Search Engine Optimization strategies to result in optimum results for customer sites.

Skilled workforce - Distinguished and seasoned team of workers are the anchor the business. They can be devoted to performing various jobs correctly and consistently to meet the website conditions and targets. They generally concentrate on creating brand recognition and boost your on-line sales by putting your website in top positions in internet search engines.

Customer relationship - A professional Search Engine Optimization service provider consistently give taste to customer attention and round the clock customer support. In addition, they keep in touch beside you to tell about Search Engine Optimization developments and present marketplace trends.
Customer testimonials/comments - Portfolios of customers help recognize the most effective service provider out of many. Additionally, check the credibility of comments and reviews posted on the website.

High profile client list - Rate the success stories of previous jobs for well-known customers. Examine the processes involved in completing a special job.
Seek the help of company associates or relatives- Speak with those who have already used search engine optimization services to make an educated choice.
Relevance of a Search Engine Optimization firm

You need to definitely establish your aims about search engine optimization services to boost website traffic and search engine positions. Search Engine Optimization services help integrate your site with social networking sites for international brand recognition to produce leads and increase on-line sales. Therefore take enough time and pick the right local SEO NYC Firm for great Search Engine Optimization results that'll fuel the company increase in the long-run and help prevent wastage of money and time.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

What Difference a Seasoned Executive Can Make in Managing a Business

Managing a global business can be vastly complicated these days. In theory it looks simple. It’s a matter of designing and developing a product, selling it to customers and servicing afterwards. As anyone who has managed multi-million dollar business, or even a small business for that matter, can tell you there are number of nuances involved that go beyond just developing and selling a product or service. In many ways business is like a living organism. One second the business may be performing extremely well and the next quarter an unknown competitive threat arises that jeopardizes the business seriously. You have to stay extremely vigilant to be aware of what’s going on in and around the business react to any changes quickly. This is just one scenario where executives like Dave Brandon come in extremely handy. Companies that need a major lift have to look to for officers with experience in running debt laden companies and rebuilding brands.

Working with Debt

Recapitalizations and other corporate finance strategies can leave a major company with billions of dollars in debt. For a company to survive in that difficult climate, executives need to be comfortable working alongside that mountain of liability. Not every officer is entirely comfortable digging deep and finding ways to trim costs and increase productivity while balancing the livelihood of thousands of workers. Brandon managed to do it successful with Domino’s Pizza by focusing the brand on what was important. Putting customers first and using strategies that involved helping workers perform, the company was able to exceed expectations and emerge stronger than ever.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Your Essential Guide to Choosing Partnership Structure for New Business

One of the most important items anyone needs to take care of when starting a business is how to structure the business entity. It is even more challenging when you are starting a business with a partner. You will need to know about various types of partnerships and how to set them up.

Of course you need to have a name of the business ready before you can form a legal entity with that name. Trade names are usually protected as intellectual property, so make sure you’re not infringing on someone else’s property rights when you name your company. If you’re going into business with someone else, choose a nominated partner and register with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The nominated partner is responsible for managing the partnerships tax returns and keeping records.

There are several ways to set up the business as a partnership as explained below.

Ordinary Business Partnership

Ordinary Business Partnership is the most basic type of partnership which is similar to a sole trader entity. When you set up an ordinary partnership, you are responsible for any losses your business make, bills for things you or your partner buys, and any and all taxes on income. The partnership will also have to register for VAT if you expect takings of more than £82,000 per year.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ask These Finance Questions before Starting a Business

Starting a new business is complicated, and can be a minefield of financial decisions. Do you start as a sole trader or a limited company? Do you need business insurance? Should you hire an accountant? Many financial decisions require careful thought for avoiding the risk of financial penalties and mistakes. Making a wrong decision not only will cost you money now, but will continue to haunt you for a long time. To help you make the best start here are 3 questions you must ask yourself before launching a new business.

Is It Best to Start as a Sole Trader?

If you do not expect a large income from the business, particularly at the start, it is a common belief that sole trader rather than limited company is the best route. But before you decide, consider how both entities affect your liability and your tax. If you are a sole trader in London then you have unlimited liability for all the debts of the business – there is no separation between you and the business. All your personal assets could be at risk if you are sued or you get into debt. If you do not want to risk this then you can register your company with Companies House, for a fee, as a limited liability company. When you do this the debts of the company belong to the company, and not to you. Tax issues are also affected if you are a limited liability company or a sole trader. If you are a new business then it is important to seek professional advice from an accountant as to what is best for you – if you are looking for accountants central London offers a range of professionals. The accountants central London provides can help you decide what your best direction is to take.

Do I Need an Accountant?

The basic questions to answer when you are thinking about hiring an accountant are: do I have the skill to do my accounts, and do I have the time? If the answer to both of these questions is no, an accountant is likely to be the best option for you. Tax returns are complex and they change every year. If you have no experience of doing your own taxes it helps to have a professional complete the task, at least until you can accrue more knowledge and confidence. You probably don’t want to be keeping up to date with all the laws and developments in the tax world, preferring instead to keep up with your own industry. When hiring a central London accountant you don’t need to worry about your tax knowledge. You can also relax, understanding that you will not run the risk of making mistakes in your tax returns that could cost you a lot of money.

How Much Do Accountants Cost?

Speaking of money, could an accountant save you money? Many accountants, even in London, are extremely affordable and the money you spend on an accountant will easily be recouped in terms of tax savings and time taken to do your own accounts.

Review – Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank

Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank at a glance At its current price, the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank seems like a no-brainer. At such a low price ...