Saturday, April 1, 2017

What Difference a Seasoned Executive Can Make in Managing a Business

Managing a global business can be vastly complicated these days. In theory it looks simple. It’s a matter of designing and developing a product, selling it to customers and servicing afterwards. As anyone who has managed multi-million dollar business, or even a small business for that matter, can tell you there are number of nuances involved that go beyond just developing and selling a product or service. In many ways business is like a living organism. One second the business may be performing extremely well and the next quarter an unknown competitive threat arises that jeopardizes the business seriously. You have to stay extremely vigilant to be aware of what’s going on in and around the business react to any changes quickly. This is just one scenario where executives like Dave Brandon come in extremely handy. Companies that need a major lift have to look to for officers with experience in running debt laden companies and rebuilding brands.

Working with Debt

Recapitalizations and other corporate finance strategies can leave a major company with billions of dollars in debt. For a company to survive in that difficult climate, executives need to be comfortable working alongside that mountain of liability. Not every officer is entirely comfortable digging deep and finding ways to trim costs and increase productivity while balancing the livelihood of thousands of workers. Brandon managed to do it successful with Domino’s Pizza by focusing the brand on what was important. Putting customers first and using strategies that involved helping workers perform, the company was able to exceed expectations and emerge stronger than ever.

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